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"In 1950, Model Airplane News published a two part article describing a simple 0.06 cu in engine for home construction called the Little Dragon. The designer and author was Roy Clough Jr. Roy appears to have been the man called on when something out of the ordinary was required; engines, free-flight helicopters and ducted-fan designs, Roy did them all."

About this Title

Motor Boys International
Motor Boys International
Motor Boys International
Book, 113 pages

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About this title

Second book of plans for model internal combustion engines from the Motor Boys International.

Ace, 0.5cc diesel
Vega, 0.25ci glowplug
Belmont G9, 9cc spark ignition
Black Mamba, 0.049ci glowplug
Chunn, 0.16ci spark ignition
Clanford Clan, 0.24cc diesel
Cygnet Royal, 3 cyl radial steam
D A Satellitt, 1cc diesel
Embee, 0.6cc diesel
Little Dragon, 0.06ci diesel
Micron, 5cc fixed-compression diesel
M L Midge, 0.8cc diesel
M S 1.24, 1.24cc diesel
P M C Imp, 0.6cc diesel
Simplex 25, 0.25ci spark ignition
Sparey Twin, 2cc diesel

BACKGROUND (taken from the Preface):
"The Motor Boys International is an informal group of men from around the world with a common interest concerning the history, design and construction of model engines. Communication is made possible by the internet. Each one of the Motor Boys has unique talents that, when pooled into joint projects, adds to the enjoyment of their hobby.

The public face of the Motor Boys exists as the web site, the property of Ron Chernich. Sadly the loss of Ron means that the site is available but frozen. One of the products of the Boys was a significant collection of CAD engine drawings, many being available freely on the web site. Some of these drawings have been published in the now out-of-print Model Engine Plan Book [available here on RCLibrary]. There was in addition a collection of plans available to the Boys themselves and to members of the public who paid a small fee to become members, and although these are on the web site, they are password protected and not freely available. These are generally known as the "members-only" plans.

The Motor Boys group, in part due to the passing of a number of members, is now inactive. It is seen as a good thing for the members-only drawings now to be made available to all. We believe that there are no copyright issues preventing publication. This small volume contains all the members-only plans duly updated by the author with any known changes. All of the plan sets were produced in CAD format by Ron Chernich.

The Motor Boys International are:
George Aldrich, USA [deceased]
Gordon Burford, Australia [deceased]
Ron Chernich, Australia [deceased]
Ken Croft, England [now France]
Tim Dannels, USA
Don McClusky, USA [deceased]
David Owen , Australia [deceased]
Stan Pilgrim, Australia
Roger Schroeder, USA [deceased]
Bert Striegler, USA"

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User comments:

I was delighted to see within the site a rare book packed with so many informations and working drawings for model engines. All people who contributed each a model engine were personalities well established in the field and I was honoured to see their work also in such prestigious magazines as Model Engineer, Stricly IC, Model Engine World or similar. For those who are no longer among us, we miss You a lot.
Tiberiu - 12/04/2018
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