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"Many ranking officers of the Air Force today got their first taste of aviation through building and flying model airplanes. This exacting hobby teaches the principles of flight and lays a foundation of practical knowledge which may be extended to full-scale airplanes."

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Air Trails Annual 1952
Air Trails
Albert L. Lewis
Street & Smith Publications, Inc., New York
Book, 100 pages

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About this title

"Air Trails Model Annual for 1952
Over 100 outstanding model plane plans, photos, diagrams with data, including the Air-Model Manual and Build Your Own Radio Control Receiver-Transmitter"


The Official Word On Modelling - President Harry S. Truman & General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Chief of Staff, US Air Force
Progress Report
Air-Model Manual
Power Dept.
Control Line Modelling
Free Flight Modelling
Radio Control Modelling
Gone With the Wind
Generally Speaking

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