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Model Builder 1975/02 February

Model Builder 1975/02 February - cover thumbnail  

"Get your foot off my empire!"

Model Builder 1975/02 February
Model Builder
Wm. C. Northrop, Jr. (Ed.)
Model Builder Magazine, California
February  1975
Magazine, 82 pages

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About this title

Vol. 5, No. 38

Workbench - Bill Northrop
Over the Counter - Bill Northrop
Remotely Speaking - Bill Northrop
International R/C Championships - Bill Northrop
R/C Soaring & Aerodynamics - Le Gray & Ted Off
Chopper Chatter - John Tucker
Control Line - Jed Kusik & Dale Kirn
Strictly Sail - Rod Carr
F/F Scale - Fernando Ramos
Hannan's Hangar - Bill Hannan
Free Flight - Bob Stalick
Plug Sparks - John Pond
R/C Auto News - Chuck Hallum

Scale Views:
Wittman "Bonzo" - Harold Osborne

Top Slider - Ken Willard
Cut-Less - Dave Katagiri
Ford Tri-Motor - Tex Newman
Peanut "Cigale" - Walt Mooney
Myster Man O.T. - Phil Bernhardt
85' Harbor Tug (Part 3, Conclusion) - Francis Smith

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Model Builder 1975/02 February
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