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"Whirlybird Kite: when there's not enough room to run with a kite or too much wind to fly model airplanes, it's a perfect time and place to test fly this newly designed rotary-wing kite. In one evening's time you can have your 'copter-kite ready to fly."

About this Title

World of Roy Clough
Roy L. Clough, Jr.
Other, 165 pages

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About this title

Anonymous [possibly rchopper56?] compilation of Roy Clough plans & articles, scanned from a variety of books & magazines.

Direct submission to RCLibrary.


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World of Roy Clough
Submission date: 06/03/2018
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Credit*: GianniAndPino
Format: PDF
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User comments:

I like this! Clearly the work of Gene aka rchopper56. There's a lot of work gone in to all these scans. Nice to see, as Roy Clough is very popular for his quirky designs.
SteveWMD - 06/03/2018
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