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"On alternative day and night shifts, broad-shouldered Mr Valleley drives a bus for the Manchester Corporation Transport Department. But when he returns to his cottage at Wythenshawe, he sees too many lads hanging about the street corners with nothing to do - ripe for temptation. He is tackling the problem in his own way. He has formed a working-class model flying club, the Wythenshawe & District Model Aero Club."

About this Title

AeroModeller 1939/09 September
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Leicester
September  1939
Magazine, 67 pages

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About this title

Vol. IV, No. 46
Incorporating the "Model Aeroplane Constructor"

Frontispiece: The Winning Team
King Peter Cup Competition
On Test
Radio Control for Petrol Planes
Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers
Job's Luck
Rev Counter which can be Fixed to a Hand-drill Winder
Simple & Efficient Propeller Freewheel
1989 Northern Rally
Strength in Model Building
Some Photographs of Model Aircraft
Detachable Cabin Top for High or Low Wing Model Airplanes
Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers' Dinner
Bristol Blenheim, 142M
Detailed Results of the King Peter Cup Competition
Our Photographic Competition
Devon & Exeter Model Aeroplane Rally
Letters to the Editor
Bus Driver's Model Airplane Club
The Wren
Experimental Model
Stop Press News
At the Sign of the Windsock
Club News

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