Revell Authentic Kits Catalogue (RCL#2021)

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"It's real because it's Revell."

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Revell Authentic Kits Catalogue
Revell Inc, Venice, California
Catalogue, 32 pages

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About this title

1962 catalogue ("early edition") from Revell Authentic Kits, well-known manufacturer of plastic model kits. Includes listings for science kits; animal kits; plane kits; paint & cement; missiles, rockets & space kits; military items; ships; cars; and H-O trains & accessories. Illustrated in black & white.

Company history, thanks to edubarca: "Revell was founded by Lewis Glasser in 1950. His first old time car kits - "Highway Pioneers" - were made by the Gowland & Gowland company. Glasser then started to make his own moulds and his models were very accurate for the time. Revell continue to grow and develop with new models, all very accurate, and production expanded to other countries including Great Britain, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Colombia and Brasil. In 1986 Revell and Monogram were both purchased by a company called Odyssey Products and both brand names were used for a while. After some time, the brand Monogram was deleted and all moulds made by this company were and still are injected by Revell - now owned by Hobbico, including the very big Revell Germany. This is just a brief story of this company, still in business and offering extremely accurate plastic model kits."

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Revell Authentic Kits Catalogue
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The catalogue presented here is the one printed for the year 1962 when the company was still owned by Mr Glasser. You can see very little use of colour, perhaps because it was expensive to print colour in those days and the catalogue was freely distributed, despite stating that it cost 15 cents!!!
edubarca - 17/11/2017
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