AeroModeller 1958/12 (RCL#2014)

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"With our old friend Eddie Keil stranded all night in his Wickford factory during the September floods and recent reports of further watery inundations in the same area, we hasten to deny rumours that Keil Kraft are going over strictly to model boats!"

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AeroModeller 1958/12
C.S. Rushbrooke (Ed.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd, Watford
December  1958
Magazine, 83 pages

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About this title

Vol. XXIII, No. 275

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What's the Angle
World Championship Details
Czech & Polish Scale Models
"Sycamore & "Hoverfly"
Covering With Fabric
"Red Admiral"

Hangar Doors
Famous Planes: Gloster Gladiator
Aeroplanes in Outline: F105 Thunderchief
Engine Analysis: Holland Hornet
Motor Mart
Model News
Trade Notes
World News
Radio Control Notes
Armchair Aeronautics
Decor Detail
Club News

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