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"To do well in these events means getting down to it, no matter what the weather, and if you think that things must be put off until you feel the weather is OK, how on earth are we going to cram everything into the season?"

About this Title

AeroModeller 1939/07 July
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Leicester
July  1939
Magazine, 69 pages

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About this title

Vol. IV, No. 44
Incorporating the "Model Aeroplane Constructor"

Wakefield & King Peter Cup Eliminating Trials
On Test: "The Nippy"
Some Practical Data on Body Resistance of Model Aircraft
1 1/4 in. to 1 ft. Flying Scale Model of the Hawker Fury
Tri-Mesh Gearbox
Automatic Bomb Release
Estimating the Loads Acting on a Model Aeroplane Structure
Flying Scale Models for Beginners
Can Meteorology Assist the Duration Seeker?
Dr. Schukowsky's Aerofoil
Gloster "Gladiator"
Winding Without Tears
How to Make Built-up Disc Wheels
Torque Turn Balancer
Practical Method of Setting Out Angles
Some Notes on Gas Model Activity in Italy
Letters to the Editor
Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers
Wakefield Cup Trial Results
King Peter Cup Results
Wakefield Fund
Dray Memorial Fund
Hannoveraner C.L. III
"Norma II"
At the Sign of the Windsock
Club News

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