Plans Handbook 1: Aeromodelling (RCL#2007)

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"A fully illustrated catalogue of the famous Aeromodeller plans, together with instructional articles to help you build and operate better models."

About this Title

Plans Handbook 1: Aeromodelling
MAP Plans Service Handbook
Model & Allied Publications Ltd., Hemel Hempstead, Herts
Book, 66 pages

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About this title

First handbook from MAP Plans Service.

Detailed, mostly illustrated, listings (with 'Star Plan Grading'):
Free flight scale; Control line scale; Flying scale rubber; Simple plan sets; Rubber duration: Coupe D'Hiver, Wakefield/General; Waterplanes; Jetex powered models; Unorthodox; Contest power; Sport power; Gliders, A/1; Gliders, A/2; Gliders, general; Control line sport; Team racers; Stunt; Combat 68; MAN plans list; A/M scale drawings; List of A.P.S. designs; 'X' list

Choose your engine
The World's engines
Starting a diesel engine
Tissue covering
Plastic moulding
How to solder
Doping and finishing
International model requirements
Silk covering
Taking care of your plans
How to start a club
Balsa wood and how to use it
Rubber motors
Finding the Centre of Gravity
How to trim F/F models
Provisional C/L Goodyear racing rules
How to start a Glow plug motor

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User comments:

This really is a dreamer's book! I can remember spending hours imagining building all sorts of wonderful planes to be found within. I never ever procured even one plan, remaining steadfastly a kit builder to the end!
NicholasTucker - 02/11/2017
Fascinating. Wonder who will do an audit to see which of the plans included are available on Outerzone?
Marty - 02/11/2017
I guess that would be my job :) I'll get on it now ...
Mary - 02/11/2017
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