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Profile Publications No. 055: Fokker Dr.I

Profile Publications No. 055: Fokker Dr.I - cover thumbnail  

"Fokker's determination to use a rotary engine was not occasioned by a desire to follow the example of the Sopwith triplane: it arose from the fundamental need to have a good supply of suitable aero-engines readily available."

Profile Publications No. 055: Fokker Dr.I
Profile Publications
J.M. Bruce
Profile Publications Ltd., Leatherhead, Surrey
Other, 12 pages

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About this title

No. 55 in the 'Aircraft in Profile' series.

Detailed description of the design, development and operational history of the Fokker Dr.I, a World War I triplane fighter built by Fokker-Flugzeugwerke. Well illustrated with colour drawings by P. Endsleigh Castle and R. Ward, also many black and white photos.

Direct submission to RCLibrary.


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Profile Publications No. 055: Fokker Dr.I - page scan thumbnails 


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Profile Publications No. 055: Fokker Dr.I
Submission date: 24/09/2017
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User comments:

The copy of this profile as originally posted had page 5 at the end of the document. I have attached a copy of the pdf rearranged with all pages in the correct order. Great work on both sites!
Skippy - 26/09/2017
Thank you, that's most kind :) I've put your version onto RCLibrary just now. Thanks again!
Mary - 26/09/2017
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