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"When man first conquered the air and aeroplanes became an actual fact most wonderful predictions were made as to their future usefulness. As time passed on people realized that aeroplanes have limitations and except in certain lines are of little general use commercially."

About this Title

Harper's Aircraft Book
A. Hyatt Verrill
Harper & Brothers Publishes, New York & London
September  1913
Book, 270 pages

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About this title

"Harper's Aircraft Book: Why aeroplanes fly, how to make models, and all about aircraft, little and big."

Part I: Why the Aeroplane Flies
Part II: Model Aeroplanes & Fliers
Part III: Gliders, or Non-Propelled Aeroplanes
Part IV: The Modern Aeroplane
Part V: Hydroaeroplanes & Flying-Boats
Part VI: Uses of the Aeroplane

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