RCM 1974/06 June (RCL#1962)

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"Flying looks easy - until you try it."

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RCM 1974/06 June
Don Dewey (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
June  1974
Magazine, 80 pages

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About this title

Vol. 11, No. 6


Notes on that First Flight
Hot Dawg
Toledo '74
RCM Trainer Jr.
RCM Visits War Aircraft Replicas
RCM Presents the Wooden Muffler
Runway Sweeper
Here's How to Make a Cowl
RCM Caster Knife

Product Tests:
Models West Two-Bits
T&H Gull

From the Shop
Cunningham on R/C
Engine Clinic
For What It's Worth
Showcase '74
Reader's Exchange
Reader Service

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General query rather than a Comment If I could. RCM scans are in the 35~40 mb range Yet the Model Builder ones are 15~20Mb. Both are usually same number of pages more or less. Why? the double size files for RCM.. scans. It's a Bit of a PITA to be honest. It takes longer to download those seemingly Oversised Scans and annoying if trying to download more than the occaissional file.
Anon - 03/10/2017
Sorry to hear that you find some aspects of RCLibrary such a pain. Most of the titles on RCL are scans sent to us by other people. This is why the file size varies so much. If a file is especially big (usually anything over 40MB) I'll usually try to compress it further. This isn't always possible, as some files are already compressed as far as they can be, in which case I have to split the title into multiple files. All this adds another step in the preparation process, which I don't always have time for. I run this site as a labour of love alongside my 'proper' job! There's also a question of quality ie how far it's worth compressing a file if this results in a poorer quality image. My aim for the library is to save as many of the old-time titles as possible, and make them available for as long as possible. With internet speeds increasing all the time, I tend to err on the side of quality: I'd rather the archive was high quality than full of small files.
Mary - 03/10/2017
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