Air Trails 1938/04 April (RCL#1956)

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"Three airplanes belonging to the British International Air Freight Co. Ltd have been licensed to carry motor cars. They are also fitted to carry horses."

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Air Trails 1938/04 April
Air Trails
C.B. Colby (Ed.)
Street & Smith Publications, Inc., New York
April  1938
Magazine, 100 pages

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Vol. X, No. 1

5 Articles:
Your Money's Worth in the Air - Lieut. W.M. Wood
Luscombe Fifty - Frank Tinsley
It Does Everything But Crash - Thomas Calvert McClary
ABC Sailplane
A Soaring Pilot Dozes

2 Stories:
Night Bird - Joe Archibald
Crest of the Cordillera (Bill Barnes Air Novel) - George L. Eaton

9 Features:
Air Progress
This Winged World
Pictorial History of Man in the Air
Weather Test Pilot
What's Your Question
Split-second Action
Air Trails Gallery
Silver "C"s
Cross Winds

3 Departments:
Light Plane Flying Clubs - Arch Whitehouse
Gliding and Soaring - Alexis Dawydoff
Air Adventurers - Albert J. Carlson

12 Model Building Items:
Guest Editorial - James Cahill
Taylor Young Gas Model - Paul Plecan
Balfour Trophy Winner - Bernarr Anderson
Discussion Corner
Ambulance of the Air - Henry Struck
Convoy Fighter - William Winter
Zephyr - Lawrence N. Smithline
Let's Get Acquainted
Model Matters
Contest Calendar
Sikorsky Patrol Bomber - Martin E. Dickinson
The Question Mark

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