Applied Aeronautics: The Airplane (RCL#1924)

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"Realizing the difficulty under which the beginner labors, the Airplane Engineering Department felt that an elementary course was needed. This book is not intended as a text on the design of airplanes, but was written with the thought of imparting a clear idea of the principles of flight, together with such other practical information as can be applied readily by the man in the shop or in the air."

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Applied Aeronautics: The Airplane
Airplane Engineering Department, Dayton, Ohio
Book, 132 pages

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About this title

Early text-book covering "applied aeronautics and practical aviation". Based primarily on lectures given at the U.S. Army School of Military Aeronautics, Ohio State University. Clearly illustrated with line drawings and black & white photos.

Theory of Flight
Types of Machines
Shipping, Unloading & Assembling
Care & Inspection
Minor Repairs
Properties of Various Woods
Nomenclature for Aeronautics

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