Model Aircraft 1954/02 February (RCL#1902)

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"The wings are almost identical. Construction is almost too simple. Use substantial wood for these however, as a line job has to take quite a bit of knocking about."

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Model Aircraft 1954/02 February
Model Aircraft
E.F.H. Cosh (Ed.)
Percival Marshall & Company Ltd., London
February  1954
Magazine, 55 pages

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About this title

"The Journal of the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers"
No. 152, Vol. 13


Regular Features:
Here and There
Engine Tests
Aviation Newspage
Model Talk
Topical Twists
Over The Counter
Prototypes Worth Modelling
Accent on Power

Special Features:
Rubber Powered Team Racers
Design Data - Wing Areas
20 Years of Engine History
Fox Keying Switch
Will These Fix It?

D.H. 9A

SMAE Dinner
Canada Reporting

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I have downloaded Model Aircraft 1954/02 February (RCL#1902} and see there is a photo on page 45 that refers to an article on the facing page. Unfortunately that page (44) is not included in your scan. Was it missing from the publication or just overlooked in the scanning process?
Skippy - 15/07/2017
Hi Skippy - we upload the magazines & books just as they come in to us, which means this page was probably missing from the paper copy when it was scanned by the contributor. I'm afraid this happens from time to time. I guess the original readers sometimes tore pages out for scrapbooks, bedroom walls, to share with friends, and so on. I know that's what I did in my youth with magazines - I still do! Can anyone out there with a paper copy of this issue possibly scan page 44 and share it with us?
Mary - 15/07/2017
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