RCM 1973/05 May (RCL#1869)

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"Dear Mr. Lee: Every time I read your column in R/C Modeler Magazine you never cease to amaze me as to the information you can provide."

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RCM 1973/05 May
Don Dewey (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
May  1973
Magazine, 85 pages

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About this title

Vol. 10, No. 5


Plastics: Show & Tell, Part IV
Super Kaos
Pitts Special
RCM Visits the Pitts Factory - Phil Kraft
Battery Charger/ Discharger
Du-Bro Hughes 300
Cassutt Model II

Product Reports: Baby Bowlus

From the Shop
Engine Clinic
Sunday Flier
Cunningham on R/C
For What It's Worth
Showcase '73
R/C Yachting
Readers Exchange
Readers Service

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RCM 1973/05 May
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User comments:

I noticed that pages 23-26 are missing, which makes the articles on the Super Kaos and the Pitts Special kind of hard to follow. Please keep up the great work!
SimonBlake - 13/06/2017
Aarrgghh - another one with missing pages :( Can anyone help complete this issue?
Mary - 13/06/2017
Unfortunately, I do not have that issue but I do know that the missing pages are the Super Kaos plans and you do have the whole Super Kaos article [on Outerzone] archived with the plans at Super Kaos oz5523! That does not help much with the first page of the Pitts article which would be page 26.
Ken - 14/06/2017
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