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"Most boats look best finished in light colours, and Wavemaster will really shine in white enamel topsides, with underwater hull in a darker contrasting colour."

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Model Maker 1952/08 August
Model Maker
G.H. Deason & D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson (Eds.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Watford, Herts.
August  1952
Magazine, 32 pages

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About this title

Vol. 2, No. 21


Model Cars:
Novice 50
Ian Moore's 5cc Speed Model, Pt. I
Recent Model Car Meetings
Prototype Parade Ulster Austin
Dope & Castor

Model Engineering:
Infallible Soldering Rest
For the True Scale Modeller
Building a 1cc Engine, Pt. III

Model Ships & Sailing Craft:
First Steps in Model Yacht Design, Pt. I
Admiral's Barge, Pt. I
Rotating Masts
Model Yacht Club Notes
"Wavemaster" Launch Reviewed
Cabin Cruiser "Deglet Nour" - Conclusion

Model Railways:
Modelling British Prototypes in 2 1/2 mm Scale
Model Maker Builds CCW Coaches, Pt. I
Rolling Stock of the East Kent Railway
An Interesting Line of the North West
Two Novel Items for 0 Gauge
Miniature Load

Model Architecture:
Unusual Canal Feature
Model Buildings That Are Different

Make It For Junior, II: Steam Roller
Test Bench
Book Review: "Model Sailing Craft"

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