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"Make this model of Sherlock Holmes' own hansom cab. This scale model was made to the order of Adrian M. Conan Doyle, for the Sherlock Holmes Exhibition, now on tour in the USA. It represents the type of cab which Holmes is so often represented as requesting his friend Dr Watson to call."

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Model Maker 1952/07 July
Model Maker
G.H. Deason & D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson (Eds.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Watford, Herts.
July  1952
Magazine, 32 pages

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About this title

Vol. 2, No. 20


Model Ships & Sailing Craft:
"Jalopy" .5 c.c. Hydroplane
Bournville Regatta
British Open Event for Marbleheads at Witton
Proofing Model Yacht Sails
Building "Deglet Nour", Pt. IV
"Halceyon" 10-Rater, Pt. IV
Model Yacht Club Notes
Matchbox Workshop
Rally for Sailing Ship Models

Model Railways:
On the Right Track - Stud Contact
Rokal 2-4-2 on Test
Ilford Junior Model Railway Club
The Art of Soldering, Pt. III
Goods Depot and Signal Cabin
Locomotive Shed

Model Engineering:
Electric Soldering Iron
Workshop Accessories
1cc Compression Ignition Engine, Pt. II

Model Architecture:
Making Architectural Models

Model With a Difference:
Sherlock Holme's Hansom Cab
Motor Cycles in Miniature

Model Cars:
Watch That Tether
Introduction to Model Car Building, Pt. II
Oliver Car Kits Reviewed
Model Car Association Notes
Open Day at Guiseley
Louvre Cutting Made Easy
Latest Model Car Records
Prototype Parade No. 40 - 3.3 Litre Bugatti G.P.

More About Kites
Focusing Aid for Bright Light
Dope & Castor

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