Air Trails 1937/02 February (RCL#1780)

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"Pestilence rode the sky lanes as a new and horrible weapon took wing, with only Bill Barnes in his Silver Lancer blocking the way to its objective - the Ring of Death."

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Air Trails 1937/02 February
Air Trails
Street & Smith Publications, Inc., New York
February  1937
Magazine, 100 pages

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About this title

Vol. VII, No. 5
Well illustrated with photographs and superb black and white line drawings.

4 Stories:
Bill Barnes Air Novel: Ring of Death - George L. Eaton
Nose Dive - Pierre Gendron
Phantom Night Flier - AS Gregory
"Dear Harry" - George Swift

4 Articles:
Modern Motors - A. Whitehouse & AN Troshkin
Rocket Ships - Allan Finn
Biggest Little Plane in the World - Frank Tinsley
Airplane of Stainless Steel - Albert J. Carlson

7 Features:
This Winged World
Air Progress
Dirigible Development
Pictorial History of Man in the Air
Flier's Dictionary - CB Colby
Air Trails Gallery
Cross Winds Action

14 Model Building Items:
Model Workshop - Gordon S. Light
Contest Calendar
Time Flies - Alan D. Booton
Discussion Corner
Aerial Yacht - William Winter
The Master's Touch - Lawrence N. Smithline
Builder's Guide - William Winter
The ? Mark
Navy Scout Bomber - Nicholas E. D'Apuzzo
High Flier
Model Matters
Official Model Records
AIR TRAILS Model Index

2 Departments:
What's Your Question? - Clyde Pangborn
Air Adventurers Club - Albert J. Carlson

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