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"It has become a common complaint that the junior or less experienced modeller is at a disadvantage in specialised contest flying since he finds it impossible to work down to the low airframe weights achieved by the experts. But just how much does this matter?"

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Model Aircraft 1952/08 August
Model Aircraft
E.F.H. Cosh (Ed.)
Percival Marshall & Co. Ltd., London
August  1952
Magazine, 67 pages

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About this title

"The Journal of the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers"
Vol. II, No. 8


Regular Features:
Here and There
MA Beginner's Course
How It Works - The Helicopter
Model Talk
MA Engine Tests: No. 38, The Supermarine "Swift"
Topical Twists
Letters to the Editor
Northern Notes
Gottingen 532 Aerofoil
News from the SMAE & the Clubs

Feature Articles:
Report on the Trials
Report on Engine Tests, Part 2: Performance Factors & Design Trends
Mainly Radio Control
Laminated Wakefield Propellers
Useful Conversion Tables

Scrambled Egg
The Tyke
Fidgety Midget

Photo Pages:
Wakefield & A2 Final Eliminators
West Essex Gala
Whit Sunday Meetings at Fairlop
Butlin's Contests

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Model Aircraft 1952/08 August
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User comments:

Sorry if a zillion people have pointed this out, but although it is indeed the cover and contents of Model Aircraft for 08/1952 shown, the download is the issue for October 1952. I visit your excellent site daily, and chiefly because I long to read the article for the Fidgety Midget - temptingly shown under details, I keep checking the download, but it stubbornly remains the October '52 issue!
JohnW - 20/03/2017
Thanks for spotting this John! Apologies everyone. I've uploaded the correct file now.
Mary - 20/03/2017
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