AeroModeller 1953/09 September (RCL#1753)

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"Cover picture: Colonel Bowden (with cap) and Colonel Binnie (holding model) listen attentively as Vic Smeed explains a point on "Pushy Cat", his 1953 Bowden Trophy winner. Rumour has it that at this moment he was informing the Colonels that the slots were where you put the pennies in."

About this Title

AeroModeller 1953/09 September
C.S. Rushbrooke (Ed.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Watford
September  1953
Magazine, 72 pages

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About this title

Vol. XVIII, No. 212


Special Features:
International Power Classes
Geodetic Wing Ribs
"Hot Canary"
Armchair Aeronautics
Coupe Frachet
Metal Models
Retracting Undercarriage
Photo Tips
Bowden & Super Scale

Regular Features:
Hangar Doors
Getting the Best Out of Jetex
Model News
Readers' Letters
Engine Analysis - Typhoon R250
Gadget Review
World News
Radio Control Notes
Aeroplanes Described - Spitfire VB & VC
Scottish Page
Club News

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