AeroModeller 1953/08 August (RCL#1738)

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"Cover picture: a tribute to British aviation achievement, the Olympus-engined Canberra which on May 4th established a new Class C international altitude record. The height reached was 63,668 ft (12 miles up!) a height to which few modellers could aspire, despite some of the tales we have heard!"

About this Title

AeroModeller 1953/08 August
C.S. Rushbrooke (Ed.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Watford
August  1953
Magazine, 68 pages

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About this title

Vol. XVIII, No. 211


Special Features:
"Vampire V"
World Speed Championships
Daily Dispatch Rally
Sipa 200 Minijet
British Nationals
Bird Flight, Part II
International Power & Wakefield Team Trial
Show That Was Worthwhile

Regular Features:
Hangar Doors
Aeroplanes in Outline - Canberra B2
Radio Control Notes
Model News
Engine Analysis - Super Tigre G22
Readers' Letters
Getting the Best Out of Your Engine
Trade Notes
Club News

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Is there an explanation as to why pages have been scanned at different sizes? I think this item should be in the magazine section. Love your sites,
TedAvey - 03/02/2017
You're right about the category - I just forgot! I've added it now. I'm afraid I don't have an answer to your question about page sizes. The scans were originally done some time ago by Zoe Quilter, in another format. Zoe gave us permission to use them, then Bullseye converted the files to pdf & 'stitched' all the individual pages together into a single document. I'm not sure why the page sizes differ. I've always wondered the same thing myself. Maybe it's something to do with what happens to the original files when converted to pdf? Can anyone out there enlighten us?
Mary - 03/02/2017
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