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"The finished model is amply robust to stand the rough and tumble of track work, is small enough when the screens are detached to slip into an overcoat pocket, and lively enough to provide plenty of fun as a sports model."

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Model Maker 1952/04 April
Model Maker
D.A. Russell, G.H. Deason & D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson (Eds.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Watford, Herts.
April  1952
Magazine, 34 pages

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About this title

Vol. 2, No. 17


Model Railways:
Stanton Central Railway
Unusual Water Tower
On the Right Track - Making the Grade
TT - The Rokal Points
Passenger Stock of the East Kent Railway, Pt. I
Emergency Point Control
Hush Tread Softly, Pt. II

Model Ships & Sailing Craft:
Model Yacht Club Notes
Vane Gear Commentary
10-Rater "Halceyon", Pt. I
Tuning Up a Model Yacht
Waterline Ship Modelling, Pt. II
Scale Cabin Cruiser, "Deglet Nour", Pt. I

Model Engineering:
Radio Control for Models, Pt. I
A Drill Steady
Cascade Print Washer
Self-Tightening Faceplate Dogs
Improved Screwcutting

"Different" Model:
Scammell Articulated Lorry with Ruston-Bucyrus Excavator

Model Architecture:
Model Farm Buildings, Pt. II

Model Cars:
Le Mans TD MG Midget, Pt. II
Fuels for Fans, Pt. II
Bodybuilding Without Tears
Prototype Parade - Brooklands Riley
Man & His Models - E. Snelling
Cooper Record Holder Plan

Test Bench
Dope & Castor

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