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"None of the biographers of George Washington have recorded the fact that the Father of His Country was the original American patron of aeronautics, and personally concerned in the first balloon ascension ever made in this country."

About this Title

Air Trails 1936/11 November
Air Trails
Street & Smith Publications, Inc., New York
November  1936
Magazine, 100 pages

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About this title

"Bill Barnes Air Trails"
Vol. VII, No. 2
Well illustrated with photographs and superb black and white line drawings.

2 Stories:
Bill Barnes Air Novel: Murder Over Hollywood - George L. Eaton
Grandpa Burns - Harold Montanye

9 Features:
This Winged World
Pursuit Plane Development
Flier's Dictionary - CB Colby
Air Trails Gallery
Pictorial History of Man in the Air
Air Progress
Split-second Action
Gullible's Travels - Major Hunt
Air Cannon

2 Departments:
What's Your Question? - Clyde Pangborn
Air Adventurers Club - Albert J. Carlson

12 Model Building Items:
Model Workshop - Gordon S. Light
Contest Calendar
Navy Hawk - Alan D. Booton & Ralph Pickard
It's the Finish - Nicholas E. D'Apuzzo
Record Threat - Lawrence N. Smithline
Fun Afloat - Gordon S. Light
Private Air Bus - William Winter
Lightweight - Gordon S. Light
Discussion Corner
The ? Mark
Fast Transport - Nicholas E. D'Apuzzo
Model Matters

4 Articles:
Orders to Pensacola - James Smithson
New Hammond Pusher - Frank Tinsley
Air Lines in the Land of the Midnight Sun - Bernt Balchen
America's first flight - Kenneth P. Wood

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