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"Only the most vital and salient features of construction and operation have been included in the chapters devoted to man-carrying machines. For, while it is quite within the powers of any boy to construct a real and practical machine, it is is more advisable for them to confine their efforts to model machines and gliders until thoroughly familiar with the principles and peculiarities of aeronautics."

About this Title

Harper's Aircraft Book
A. Hyatt Verrill
Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York & London
Book, 258 pages

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About this title

"Why Aeroplanes Fly, How To Make Models, and All About Aircraft, Little and Big."
Early introduction to aeronautics and aeromodelling. Well illustrated with line drawings and black and white photos.

Part I:
Why the Aeroplane Flies: Sailing in the Air; Moving Bodies in the Air; Steering in the Air

Part II:
Model Aeroplanes & Fliers: Model Machines; How to Build Racing Models; Flying the Models

Part III:
Gliders, or Non-Propelled Aeroplanes: Trype of Gliders; How to Build a Glider; Completing the Glider; Monoplane Gliders

Part IV:
The Modern Aeroplane: Types of Aeroplane; Biplanes & Monoplanes; The Heart of the Aeroplane; Miniature Aeroplanes

Part V:
Hydroaeroplanes & Flying-Boats: The Hydroaeroplane; How to Build a Miniature Curtiss

Part VI:
Uses of the Aeroplane:
Aeroplanes in Peace and War; Miscellaneous Aircraft


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