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Grid Leaks 1959/01 January-February

Grid Leaks 1959/01 January-February - cover thumbnail  

"With this issue of Grid Leaks we bring you the greatest variety of material that has ever been presented in our pages. There was an exceptional amount of response from readers with good ideas and we felt it wise to reproduce their letters with their ideas to take the place of Short Circuits."

Grid Leaks 1959/01 January-February
Grid Leaks
Paul F. Runge (Ed.)
Grid Leaks, Higginsville, Mo.
January  1959
Magazine, 17 pages

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About this title

"The R/C Data Service"
Vol. 1, No. 8

Radio Controlled Cigar Box!
Meters, Internal resistance, Shunts - Jerry McGeorge
Simple Servo for Marcytone 6 - Edward F. Pagel
Readers Letters
Delafield Dual Proportional System - Neal Delafield
Audio MOPA Transmitter - Dale Springsted
Grid Leaks At Play - Paul F. Runge
New Multi Hookup for Bonner Servo - Donal D. Kavanagh
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