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"Recently, we had one of the large kit manufacturers pull their advertising because he did not like a few unfavorable comments we made about one of his kits, although a very elaborate ruse was used as his supposed reason for withdrawing his advertising."

About this Title

RCM 1971/08 August
Don Dewey (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
August  1971
Magazine, 89 pages

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About this title

Vol. 8, No. 8

From the Shop - Don Dewey
Letters From RCM Readers
Kits & Pieces - Dick Sonheim
Scale in Hand - Dave Platt
Engine Clinic - Clarence Lee
Cunningham on R/C - Chuck Cunningham
Sunday Flier - Ken Willard
Cassutt-Bonzo 1/2A Midget - Roman Bukolt
1971 R/C Internats Preview - Jerr Kleinburg
B.E.2.e, Scale WWI Bomber - Roy Scott
Esprit, High Performance Sailplane- Lee Renaud
Thunderbird .049 Delta - Jim Simpson
RCM Product Report: Turbocraft P-80
Bob Smith Sets 1:30.3 Formula 1 Record
Top Out - Jerry Kleinburg
Soaring - Don Dewey
Take a Look at This - RCM's Product News Section
For What It's Worth
RCM Project Report

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RCM 1971/08 August
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On the RCM 1971/08 August PDF file, submission date: 16/01/2017, the pages 31 through 34 were missing. I'm so interested in the BE2E article and plans. I would appreciate if you can resolve this.
AndresAcuna - 19/02/2017
Hi Andres - sorry about this. I'm afraid we can't fix it, as that's just the way this issue was sent in to us. I guess those pages were missing from the original magazine they scanned. Does anyone out there have a paper copy of this RCM issue? Could you scan the missing pages and share them with us? We'd all be very grateful :)
Mary - 19/02/2017
I've replaced the file that had missing pages with a complete version of this RCM issue. Many thanks to Harry Kirkland for scanning the missing pages :)
Mary - 20/02/2017
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