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"It is interesting to note that some of the first model airscrews had feathers for blades, stuck into a cork which acted as the hub. Even some of the first "flying machines" used fantastic paddle wheels, like slats of wood on long arms, set at some "guesstimated" angle or other to "get a bite" on the air!"

About this Title

Airscrews for the Aeromodeller
R.H. Warring
Harborough Publishing Company, Ltd., Leicester
Book, 66 pages

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About this title

Overview of the theory behind airscrews for models, by the legendary Ron Warring.

I. Definitions; Blade Element Theory
II. Momentum Theory; Simplified Vortex Theory
III. Slipstream; Airscrew Interference
IV. Airscrew Design and Layout
V. Fixed, Free-Wheeling and Folding Airscrews
VI. Variable Pitch Airscrews
VII. Carving the Airscrew

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