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"Littlemoor, change for Sunnyside." You can almost hear the clank of a ghostly Westinghouse pump and feel the bitter little breeze that is apt to bedevil the waiting traveller on station platforms in the North East, so strong is the atmosphere created by the system I am about to describe."

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Model Maker 1952/02 February
Model Maker
D.A. Russell, G.H. Deason & D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson (Eds.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Leighton Buzzard, Beds.
February  1952
Magazine, 34 pages

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About this title

Vol. 2, No. 15

Model Railways:
Littlemoor & Wishford Model Railway
Opportunity Knocks - TT Feature
Simply Made Diesel Prototype
Marshalling Problems for 0 Gauge
On the Right Track - Graham Farish, Model or Toy?
Battery Electric Vehicles for Lineside Effect in 0 Gauge

Model Engineering:
Make This Lock for Your Workshop
"Love Me Love My ..." Improved Shears Bearing
Countershaft for Model Maker Lathe
Workshop Wrinkles

Models with a Difference:
Miniature Golf Course - Ron Warring
Fleet of Model Fire Engines Part IV

Model Architecture:
Scenic Model Making

Model Ships & Sailing Craft:
Pulleys for Braine Steering Gear
Early Vane Gear of the 1920s
Burmese Paddy Boat
Model Yacht Club Notes
Displacement Hull Design

Model Cars:
Wot! No Kitchen Table?
Three Dimensional History
Simplification in Design
Meteor Open Meeting
Station Wagon & Trailer Caravan
Skoda Comp. 2 Str. Pt. II
Widening the Scope
Prototype Parade - Aston Martin DB2 Saloon

Test Bench
Dope & Castor
Readership Survey

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