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"There is no other book published at the present time which covers the subject so completely, presenting each type of model in turn and describing their characteristics and construction in easily understood form."

About this Title

All About Model Aircraft
P.G.F. Chinn
Percival Marshall & Co. Ltd., London
March  1958
Book, 114 pages

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About this title

Using material previously published in Model Aircraft magazine, this book "is primarily intended for the guidance of newcomers, but the more experienced builder will also find much of interest." Well illustrated with black and white photographs.

1. Introduction
2. Making a Start
3. Flight Simply Explained
4. Making the Fuselage
5. Building the Wings and Tail
6. Covering and Doping
7. Trimming and Flying
8. Rubber Driven Models
9. Your First Engine
10. Building a Control-Line Trainer
11. Flying Your C/L Trainer
12. Solid Scale Models
13. Jetex Motors and Models
14. Free-Flight Power
15. More About Free-Flight
16. More About Motors
17. Control-Line Stunt Models
18. More About Control-Line
19. Radio-Control in a Nutshell
20. Converting the Deacon to R/C
21. Preparing and Flying Your R/C Model
22. Soldering For the Modeller
23. Silk Covering and Colour Finishing
24. Fuels and How to Make Them
Glossary of Model Aircraft Terms

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