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Air Trails 1936/06 June

Air Trails 1936/06 June - cover thumbnail  

"A sheep, a rooster and a duck. Bleating, cackling, quacking in wild alarm as their cage sways off the ground beneath a queer-looking hot-air balloon. The first living creatures to fly. One hundred and fifty-three years ago."

Air Trails 1936/06 June
Air Trails
Street & Smith Publications, Inc., New York
June  1936
Magazine, 84 pages

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About this title

"Bill Barnes Air Trails"
Vol. VI, No. 3


Bill Barnes Air Novel: Brethren of Death - George L. Eaton

This Winged World
Development of Mail PLanes
World's Biggest Aircraft - John DuBarry
Flier's Dictionary - C.B. Colby
Autogyro Joins the Army - Frank Tinsley
Pictorial History of Man in the Air
Curtiss Navy III Hawk - G. Christy
Aeronca Steps Out - Albert J. Carlson
Air Trails Gallery
It's A Fact That

Short Stories:
Smuggler's Wings - Jack Straley
Hot Air Heroes - George Swift

Model Workshop: Fly the famous Sky Flea! - Gordon S. Light
What's Your Question? - Clyde Pangborn
Air Adventurers Club - Albert J. Carlson

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