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Grid Leaks 1958/09 September-October

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"As I have told a number of people in our industry, we should worry less about competing with each other and more about co-operating to get more customers for all of us, and it looks as if your Grid Leaks can do a wonderful job in this regard. (William L. Effinger, Berkeley Models Inc.)"

Grid Leaks 1958/09 September-October
Grid Leaks
Paul F. Runge (Ed.)
Grid Leaks, Higginsville, Mo.
September  1958
Magazine, 18 pages

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About this title

"The R/C Data Service"
Vol. 1, No. 6

1958 Nationals
All Transistor Reed Receiver - Neil Delafield
Sine Wave Audio Modulator - Neil Delafield
Short Circuits
Trimmable Control Added to TTPW or Single Pulse Systems - LouisJ. Iandoli
Trade Notes
Easy to Make Actuator
Grid Leaks At Play
Proportional Relay Eliminator - Donald B. Borges
Simpl-Simul Pulser with Mini Transmitter
VFO Audio Transmitter
Notes on Wet Cell Care
Antenna Design Considerations - Donal D. Kavanaugh

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