Flying Cadet 1943/11 November (RCL#1636)

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"Romance flies high, as AAF girlfriend pins on bombardier's wings at Roswell, N.M. Army Flying School graduation. The photograph is an official U.S. Army Air Forces direct-color Kodachrome."

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Flying Cadet 1943/11 November
Flying Cadet
Archer A. St. John (Ed.)
Flying Cadet Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois
November  1943
Magazine, 60 pages

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About this title

Vol. 1, No. 8
Some great illustrations, in colour and black and white.

Aviation Quiz - Air Age Refresher
Airplane Whips the Tank
Whys of Meteorology
Hellcat Bares Its Claws
Whistling Willie Opens the Burma Road
Maps and How to Understand Them
Turbo Exhaust-Driven Supercharger
Air Navigation for Beginners
The Altimeter
Radio Direction Finder
Lockheed Lightning P-38
Martin Marauder Heroes
Fly Leaves

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