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"Making a blind landing is an eerie experience and it requires a good deal of practice for a pilot to gain complete confidence in himself. A man's senses play all sorts of tricks on him when earth and sky are shut off from view."

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Model Airplane News 1935/03
Model Airplane News
Charles Hampson Grant (Ed.)
Jay Publishing Corp., Mount Morris, Illinois
March  1935
Magazine, 52 pages

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About this title

Vol. XII, No. 2

New Developments in Blind Flying - H. Latane Lewis II
Fundamentals of Model Airplane Building - Gilbert MacLean
Development of the Fokker Fighters - Robert C. Hare
Air Ways - Here and There
Building the Famous Udet Flamingo - William Winter & Walter McBride
Aviation Advisory Board
Aerodynamic Design of the Model Plane - Charles Hampson Grant
On the Frontiers of Aviation, Including: How to Build Scale Models of the G.A.38 Transport and the Boeing XF7B-1 - Robert C. Morrison
How to Build a Smoke Screen Model - Marshall Mulvany
NAA Junior Membership News

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User comments:

Looks like MAN was once known as "Universal Model Airplane News"; I'm not sure when the name change took place.
Mary - 08/10/2016
Hi Mary. Model Airplane News mag had several suffix near the original title. It happened when the mag changed the publisher/editor. In this case the Gray Band Publishing Co. was succeeded by Jay Publishing Co. in Sept 1932. The same happened when some mag was incorporated by another mag in Europe.
Pit - 10/10/2016
More of these please if you can!!!
Anon - 10/10/2016
Glad you enjoyed this issue, Anon :) I'll do my best to dig up more. If anyone out there has anything similar, we'd love to see it!
Mary - 10/10/2016
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