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"You can divide airpower into four basic sections: attack, fighting, reconnaissance and transport. Translated into airplanes we have bombers, fighters, reconnaissance and troop and supply carriers."

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Flying Cadet 1943/08 August
Flying Cadet
Archer A. St. John (Ed.)
Flying Cadet Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois
August  1943
Magazine, 60 pages

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About this title

Vol. 1, No. 5

How Aircraft Carriers Operate- Keith Ayling
Wildcats at Sea
AAFSAT - Brigadier General Peabody
Tactics Tour - John Forney Rudy
Specialist or All 'Rounder
ABC of Navigation
Yellow Aryan - Jane Lumley
How To Fly - Aerodynamics Simplified
World's First Aerial Bombing - Howard Kegley
Which One Would You Shoot At?
Cadet Quiz - Milton Figen
Meteorology Simplified - Ernest G. Vetter
Doorways to Aviation
New Piper Trainer
Martin Marauder
In The Air - News Notices
Fly Leaves - Book Reviews

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