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"I have, in this little book, endeavoured to simplify the subject for those people who wish to indulge in a truly fascinating hobby for the first time."

About this Title

Simple Radio Control
H.G. Hundleby
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Watford, Herts.
Book, 53 pages

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About this title

Comprehensive introduction to radio control flying from Harry Hundleby.

1. Basic Principles
2. The Transmitter
3. The Receiver
4. The Relay
5. Actuators and Control Gear
6. Soldering
7. Multi-Purpose Meter
8. The 'Aeromodeller' Transmitter
9. The 'Aeromodeller' Receiver
10. Pike Miniature Receiver
11. The Model
12. Installation
13. Tuning
14. Pre-Flight Preparation
15. Range Check and Flying Routine
16. Fault Finding
Appendices: Batteries; Commercial Sets; G.A. Drawings of Well Known Designs

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Simple Radio Control
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Glad to see this book preserved here for posterity. My father had a copy and, having seen an ECC telecommander RC set working in his Veron Marlin boat, I was inspired to read this despite being far too young to understand any of its contents. Nevertheless, it triggered an interest in aeromodelling and electronics that determined the direction of my career.
ColinMill - 13/10/2016
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