AeroModeller 1941/03 March (RCL#1611)

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"Get some fun out of Gwenny - build this tricky little indoor model that flies round the room."

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AeroModeller 1941/03 March
D.A. Russell (Ed.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Leicester
March  1941
Magazine, 66 pages

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About this title

Vol. VI, No. 64
"Incorporating the Model Aeroplane Constructor"

Lord Wakefield -An Appreciation
Petrol Topics - Dr JFP Forster
Spinning - and the Like - RH Warring
Aircraft "Identification" Competition
Avro Cadet - EJ Riding
Mechanics of Gas Engines IV - C Williams
The "Pou" - H Mc Dougall
"Starting from Zero" - RL Walker
Dreams, or How to Design Your Next Wakefield Model - EJS Townsend
Aerodynamic Formula (5) - AH Smith
Re: The Jones-Maxwell Controversy - HA Warring
Designing for Duration (2) - GW Jones
Questions and Answers
Fighting Aircraft of the Present War II - HJ Cooper
Hail to the Air Training Corps
What Constitutes a "Good Model"
A Solid Model - B Riley
Letters to the Editor
A Portable Runway - FG Hinton
Mechanism for Automatic Retracting and Detracting Undercarriage - P O'Keeffe
Book Reviews
Get Some Fun Out of Gwenny - Bob Renant
News From All the Clubs - Clubman

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