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Patent: Folded Glider

Patent: Folded Glider - cover thumbnail  

"Folded gliders, constructed both from paper and from other lightweight sheet material, are legion in the prior art. However, the prior art gliders are either unduly complex to construct or else have poor aerodynamic quality."

Patent: Folded Glider
US No. 4,307,536
Roy L. English & Irene F. English
December  1981
Patent, 6 pages

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About this title

Application for patent filed December 3 1979; patent granted December 29 1981.

"The glider is formed of sheet material and comprises a trough-like fuselage having a medial longitudinal fold, and wing root folds of the opposite direction defining wings. A slit is located in the material, extending transversely across the medial longitudinal fold and defining the leading edge of an inverted "V"-shaped tail. The sheet of material from which the glider is formed can have any overall shape."

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