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Patent: Toy Aircraft

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"It is essential that the principal construction material used is metal, light metal particularly, which is able to resist greater stresses and thus offers the facility to fulfill the instructive purpose by technical construction, actual flying, tests, experimental trials, etc."

Patent: Toy Aircraft
US No. 1,877,120
Gustav Boehme
September  1932
Patent, 7 pages

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About this title

Application for patent filed November 2 1929; patent granted September 13 1932.

"The invention relates to toy-aircraft serving as model or instructive plane, particular training effect resulting from the feature that the player become acquainted with the principles of construction of metal-aircraft and with the control of the same under varying conditions."

The compressed air motor was very common in Europe until the mid 1940s. The entire fuselage was the air tank of the system.

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