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"The Crimson Streak is the result of the letter by Mr F.C. Neville, in which he describes a petrol-driven Cable Buggy. Not owning an engine we decided to make a rubber-driven model, and this is the result."

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AeroModeller 1941/02 February
D.A. Russell (Ed.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Leicester
February  1941
Magazine, 64 pages

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About this title

Vol. VI, No. 63

Fundamentals of Model Photography - D.M.H.
Build the "Crimson Streak" - M.W. Hawksby & J.P. McNamara
Gadget Review - C.A.H. Pollitt
Making Use of Nature's Lift - T.A. Brown
"The Copyist" - H.C. Jenkinson
Ups and Downs - Eric J. Owen
Petrol Topics - Dr J.F.P. Forster
Mechanics of Gas Engines, III - C. Williams
Aerodynamic Formula, 4 - A.H. Smith
Constant Speed Propeller for Model Aeroplanes - P. Corner
50 sq. in. Spar Model - J.H. Maxwell
Dihedralled Tail-Plane - W.J.D. Annand
Prevention of Crash Damage to Nose Units - G. Wools
Calling all Air Cadets - C.A. Rippon
Job Loops the Loop - Arthur Mountstephens
A Tale of Weight - G. Heighton
Automatic Retracting and Detracting Monowheel Undercarriage - A.O. Sutcliffe
Useful Winder- S.F. Butterworth
Letters to the Editor
Asked and Answered - "Rushy"
Fighting Aircraft of the Present War, I - H.J. Cooper
Club News - "Clubman"

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