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"I've been actively interested in gliding ever since I was fourteen years old. At that time aviators used to say, "These glider pilots must be nuts. I want a motor ahead of me!" Nowadays they attend our meets and come away remarking, "It must be fun. I'd like to try it". A lot of them do."

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Air Trails 1938/01 January
Air Trails
C.B. Colby (Ed.)
Street & Smith Publications, Inc., New York
January  1938
Magazine, 100 pages

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About this title

Vol. IX, No. 4

G's and Pull Out - Lee Gehlbach
What I've Learned About Gliding - Pete Bonotaux
Atlantic Clipper - Frank Tinsley

Never The Two Shall Mix - Harold Montayne
High Over Maxembourg (Bill Barnes Novel) - George L. Eaton

Air Progress
This Winged World
Pictorial History of Man in the Air
Light Plane Development
From Drawing Board to Runway
What's Your Question - Clyde Pangborn
Air Trails Gallery
Split-Second Action - Jon L. Blummer
The Eaglet - Frank Tinsley
Cross Winds

Light Plane Flying Clubs - Gerald H. Smith
Gliding and Soaring - Alexis Dawydoff
Air Adventurers Club - Albert J. Carlson

Model Building Items:
It's Indoor Weather - Gordon S. Light
Radio-Controlled Gas Model- Chester Lanzo
Model Matters
Contest Calendar
Douglas XTBD-1 - Martin E. Dickinson
The Question Mark
Discussion Corner
Wakefield Elimination Winner - Herbert Fish
New Developments In European Modelling - Herbert Fish
Speed Wings - Alan D. Booton
Boeing Clipper - Martin E. Dickinson
Indoor Fever - Lawrence N. Smithline
Crash-Proof ROG
Turner Racer - William Winter

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