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"It is interesting to compare the early flying models with those of the present day, and there is endless enjoyment to be obtained from the design, construction and flying of model aircraft. It is a hobby that always provides room for further effort and ingenuity. Time spent in making and flying model aircraft is never wasted."

About this Title

History of Model Aircraft
C. E. Bowden
Harborough Publishing Company, Ltd., Leicester
Book, 82 pages

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About this title

The history and technical development of model aircraft, by one of the best known names in aeromodelling, Lt.-Col. C.E. Bowden (1897-1984). Well illustrated with black & white photographs.

Foreword - F.J. Camm (Editor, Practical Mechanics)
The Early Birds, 1874-1921
The Middle Ages of Aeromodelling, 1921-1935
Modern Times, 1936-1945
Future Flying

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History of Model Aircraft
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User comments:

Interesting this copy of Bowden's 1946 book has the same cover as Aeromodeller, September 1940 edition here ... coincidence or not?
Marty - 19/08/2016
Well spotted, Marty! They appear to be slightly different versions of the same picture by C. Rupert Moore, Aeromodeller's resident artist in the 1940s and '50s. Maybe Bowden particularly liked this image and asked Moore to redraw it for the cover of his book? Does anyone know which airplane it is?
Mary - 19/08/2016
Hi Mary, the model on the cover of the book and Aeromodeller magazine was the "Swallow" by C.E. Bowden, published in his book, Petrol-Engined Model Aircraft (1945). Elliptical wing and white body with red arrows are distinctive features of Col. Bowden designs.
Pit - 20/08/2016
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