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"Certain readers will undoubtedly wish to make their own diesels. A warning should be given that a high degree of engineering skill is required to build a model diesel, and there will be failures amongst those who try. A petrol model is quite a difficult proposition, and the diesel is even more so."

About this Title

Diesel Model Engines
C. E. Bowden
Percival Marshall & Co. Ltd., London
Book, 115 pages

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About this title

3rd edition of Lt-Col C.E. Bowden's classic work on the diesel engine.

"This book is designed to put the newcomer to power modelling into the picture of the diesel. It explains how it works and the snags many people will experience; and I hope will iron out any difficulties of starting, fuel, and operation, besides giving a survey of suitable models for diesel engines."

I. How the model diesel works, its design and installation.
II. British and Continental diesel engines, plans and castings.
III. The fuel, lubrication and fuel accessories.
IV. How to start diesels, including a starting drill.
V. Diesel operation, propellers, problems, the timing device, trouble fidning.
VI. Aeroplanes, boats, cars and radio control using the diesel.

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