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"Balsa wood is a timber of which there are several varieties, very widely found in the States of Central and North Southern America. The best comes from Ecuador and carries the botanical name of Ochranhama Lagopus. The name balsa is derived from the Spanish word "balsa" for raft, for the old Conquerors noticed that the Indians used this very light wood to build rafts on which they lived and travelled."

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AeroModeller 1944/01 January
D.A. Russell & C.S. Rushbrooke (Eds.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Leicester
January  1944
Magazine, 53 pages

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About this title

"The Model Aeronautical Journal of the British Empire"
Vol. IX, No. 98

Fighter Glider - "F/Lt."
Post-War Air Transport
Spray Gun - R.W. Newton
Photography of Models in Flight - A. Galeota
1/48 Solid Scale Model Motors, Article III - "S.B.S."
Balsa Wood - Its Origin and Growth
Finding the Weight of Wing Ribs - J.M. Foulkes
The De Havilland "Moth" (Type 60) - E.J. Riding
Feather Flyabout - J.H.M. Smith
R.T.P. Control - J.D. Jenkins
A Problem of Power - R.P. Warren
Petrol Topics - Dr J.F.P. Forster
"My Engine" (in its final form) - Lawrence H. Sparey
"Solid" Modelling in Cardboard - P.R. Doudney
Monthly Memoranda - O.G. Thetford
Aeroplane Described, XII The Lockheed Electra - H.J. Cooper
Club News -"Clubman"

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