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"The year 1948 will long be remembered as noteworthy by aeromodellers, marking as it does the beginning of what we hope will be a new era for all those interested in the sport, hobby and pastime of model aeronautics."

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AeroModeller Annual 1948
AeroModeller Annual
D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson & D.A. Russell (Eds.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Leicester
Book, 159 pages

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About this title

"A review of post-war aeromodelling throughout the world in theory and practice; together with useful data, contest results and authoritative articles, produced by staff and contributors of the AEROMODELLER"

1948 In Retrospect
Low Speed Aerodynamics
Bibliography (Aerodynamics)
Useful Model Formulae
Aerofoil Sections
Aerobatic Control Line Schedule
Glossary of Model Aircraft Terms
Saga of Sandy Mcguire
1948 Contest Results
1948 Wakefield Trophy Results
British and World Model Aircraft Records
British and Overseas Governing Bodies
Round the World of Model Aircraft:
Jige 213 - Radio Control Powered Glider
Loubine - Monacan Sailplane
Russian Sailplane
Super Antares - Czechoslovak Power Pylon
Pinnuto - Italian Rubber Winner
Hale - Swedish Stick Sailplane
Movo M31 - Italian Speed Control Line
Peres III - Palestinian Biplane Glider
Bikini - French Sidewinder Power Model
Bydule - French Monocoque Sailplane
D.129 - Swiss Low Wing Sailplane
Banshee - American Pylon Power Winner
Murchiangelo - South American Power Plane
Dervish - Champion French Stunt Control Line
Star 13 - Post-War German Sailplane
Semi-Scale French Power Miniature
Jaguar - 1948 Wakefield Winner
G.41 - Swiss World Record Sailplane
Aeolus - Dutch Contest Sailplane
Spee-Dee - U.S. Control Line
Mira - Czechoslovak Rubber Model
Bossu - French World Record Power Model
Belgian Contest Power Design
Snowflake - Sometime Speed C/L Record Holder
Hot Rock - Popular Stunt Control Line from U.S.
Dutch Tailless Champion Sailplane
Belgian Canard - Rubber Powered
V For Victory - Unorthodox U.S. Power
Timer's Nightmare - U.S. Pylon Power
Debolt Super Bipe - U.S. Stunt Control Line
Gadget Department
British Engines
American Engines
Speed Chart
Fuels for Miniature Internal Combustion Engines
Development of Powered Flying Scale Models
Radio Control for All
Power Airscrew Carving and Block Layout
Popular Kits in G/A Form


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