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"The drawings in this book cover the air racers from 1909 thru 1975. 1975 was chosen as a cutoff date, for the period 1909-1975 seems to encompass all the major developments of these colorful, fascinating aircraft. To continue past that date simply means another Mustang drawing with a different paint scheme."

About this Title

Air Racer
Charles A. Mendenhall
Specialty Press Publishers and Wholesalers
October  1994
Book, 183 pages

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About this title

"The book is an effort to draw together, under one cover, the intriguing story of the air racer by means of plan-type illustrations. The drawings contain information on over two hundred of the most interesting of these specialty aircraft. It was surprising to learn during research for this book that in some cases, no formal plans had ever been drawn. A few of the older planes continue to exist in museums around the world but most have been reduced to rubble either in accidents or by the ravages of time."

Curtiss "Golden Flyer"; Wright; Latham "Antoinette"; Bleriot XI; Baby Wright; Hanriot; Nieuport; Nieuport Floatplane; Deperdussin; Deperdussin Floatplane; Sopwith "Tabloid"; Ponnier; Dayton-Wright; Verville Packard R-1; Curtiss-Cox "Texas Wildcat" Monoplane; Curtiss-Cox "Texas Wildcat" Biplane; Curtiss-Cox "Cactus Kitten" Triplane; Nieuport Sesquiplane; Curtiss CR-1; Curtiss CR-2; Navy-Wright NW-1; Navy-Wright NW-2; Navy "Bee Line" BR-1 and BR-2; Curtiss CR-3; Curtiss R-6; Verville-Sperry R-3; Curtiss R2C-1 & -2; Wright F2W-1; Wright F2W-2; Curtiss R3C-1 & -2; Supermarine S-4; Gloster III; Macchi M-39; Gloster IV B; Short Crusader; Kirkham-Williams; Supermarine S-5; Macchi M-52; Gloster VI; Navy Curtiss F6C-3 Hawk; Fiat C-29; Supermarine S-6; Macchi M-67; Savoia S-65; American Mercury; Supermarine S-6B; Travel Air Model R; Page-Curtis XF6C-6; Laird "Solution" LC-DW-300; Laird "Super Solution" LC-DW-500; Howard "Pete" DGA-3; Israel "Redhead"; Gee Bee Model Y; Gee Bee Model Z; Gee Bee R-l; Gee Bee R-2 and I.F.(R-1/R-2); Hall "Bulldog"; Wedell-Williams "44" and "92"; Wedell-Williams "57"; Howard "Mike" DGA-4 and "lke" DGA-5; Rider R-1- "San Francisco I"- "Suzy"; Rider R-2 - "San Francisco II" - "Bumblebee" Bushey-McGrew B7M1; Chester "Jeep"; Cessna CR-2 and CR-3; Miles and Atwood Special; DeHavilland "Comet"; Macchi-Castold M-72; Gee Bee "Q.E.D." R6H; Howard "Mr. Mulligan" DGA-6; Percival "Mew Gull"; Miles Racer; Wittman "Chief Oshkosh"; Brown B-1; Brown B-2 "Miss Los Angeles; Wittman "Bonzo" D-12; Caudron C-460; Folkert SK-2 "Toots"; Hughes H-1; Crosby Special CR-3 and CR-4; Rider R-4 "Firecracker", R-5 "Jackrabbit" Elmendorf Special; Rider R-3 and Marcoux-Bromberg Special; Folkerts SK-3 "Jupiter" and SK-4; Laird-Turner LTR-14 "Meteor"; Military Aircraft HM-1 and "Time Flies"; Rider R-6 "8-Ball"; Bellanca Tri-Motor 28-92; Chester "Goon"; Chambers "Chambermaid"; Pearson-Williams "Mr. Smoothie"; Heinkel He 100 V-8; Messerschmitt ME209 V-1 (Bf109R); High Speed Spitfire; Heston Racer; Bell P-39Q "Aircobra"; Goodyear F2G-1 "Corsair"; Hawker "Sea Fury" #0, "Miss Merced"; Lockheed P-38L "Lightning", #38; North American P-51D "Mustang"; "Miss America"; North American P-51D "Mustang"; "Miss Van Nuys"; North American P-51D "Mustang"; "Miss R.J." & "Roto Finish"; North American P-51D "Mustang"; "RB-5L Red Baron", "Miss Foxy Lady"; Grumman F8F-2 "Bearcat"; "Smirnoff "; "Conquest I", "American Jet" #I; Grumman F8F-2 "Bearcat"; "Able Cat", "U.S. Thrift"; Chester "Swee Pea I & II" - "Skybaby"; Wittman "Buster" -"Bonzo"; Cosmic Wind "Minnow", "Ballerina", "Little Toni"; Long "Midget Mustang" LA-1; Wittman "Bonzo"; Foss "Jinny" and "Little Mike"; Cosmic Wind "Little Toni", "Ballerina"; Loving-Wayne WR-1 "Lovings Love"; Cassutt Model 2; Cassutt "Boo Ray"; "ldjets Midget" and "Moonshiner"; Mace R-1 "Mr. B"; "Shushonic" and "Deja Vu"; 001 Baker Special "Aquarius"; "Frenzer Special" and "El Bandito"; Minges Special M-30 "Ol Blue"; Miller "Little Gem"; "Little Gem" and "Ole Tiger"; Owl OR-65-2 "Pogo"; Owl OR-70-1 "Fang"; Owl OR-71-1 "Lil Quickie" ; Falck's Special "Rivets"; Williams W-17 "Stinger"; Mace R-2 "Shark"; Rollason " Beta", "Blue Chip", "Forerunner"; WH-1 "Thunderchicken" and "Sump'n Else"; "Shoestring"; "Yellow Jacket", "Rickey Rat"; Miller JM-2 "Texas Gem"; North American AT-6 (SNJ) "Texan", #7, #25; Pitts Special #21; Pitts Special "Sulu", "Chance IV"; Starduster #0, #1; Imperial Knight Twister #5; Smith DSA "Miniplane" "Flighty", #4; Forbes Special (DSA) "Olympia Swallow"; Speed F8F "Beercat"; Warwick W-4 "Hot Canary"; Christian "Mongster"; Boland "Gone Mong"; Mahoney "Sorceress"; WC-1 "Sundancer"

Plus several appendices.

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