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RCM 1969/01 January

RCM 1969/01 January - cover thumbnail  

"RCM is proud to welcome Clarence Lee as a Contributing Editor. Clarence needs no introduction, since he is known to most RC'ers as one of the foremost engine experts and designer of the world famous Veco engines. Clarence's column is a monthly feature for the R/C flier who wants to obtain maximum performance, reliability and service from his powerplant."

RCM 1969/01 January
Don Dewey (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
January  1969
Magazine, 73 pages

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About this title

Volume 6, Number 1

Engine Clinic - Clarence Lee
Wheel Brakes - Jim Brittain
F4B-2 - H.G. Bowers
Country Squire - Don Dewey
R/C Design Made Easy - Chuck Cunningham
1911 Eastbourne - Don Srull
The Skyfarer - Vernon G. Schroeder
Putting Muscle into the R/C Shop
Ducted Fans for R/C - C.W. Peake
RCM Classic: Part X - Ed Thompson
Das Liddle Stik, V.T.O! - Bud Anders
RCM Visits Las Vegas

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RCM 1969/01 January
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User comments:

I still have this issue, it was the first one I bought after moving back to Birmingham following discharge from the USAF. A quick look through the pages illustrates how far we have fallen in the publishing field since then. RCM actually told you how to do things, not like the product catalogs and reviews we see in the magazines today. The hobby shops don't even bother to stock model magazines now, too much trouble and few sales. When RCM appeared each month, modelers would gather at the hobby shop for their copies, and to discuss the month's contents. When I receive my Model Aviation copy each month, the first item I look up is the double page of other member's finished projects, giving me hope that others still build models. outerzone.co.uk is proof that we're not all assembling Chinese ARFs, that building models is alive and well. I enjoy seeing the pix on your site of projects built from plans on OZ. You might consider adding more pictures from modeler's projects, not just from plans on the site. ARFs need not apply ...
DougSmith - 13/06/2016
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