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"Andy Lennon has written an outstanding book that covers all required aspects of the preliminary design process for model aircraft. Further, much of the content is equally applicable to military RPV and homebuilt aircraft design."

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Basics of R/C Model Aircraft Design
Andy Lennon
Air Age Media Inc., Ridgefield, CT
Book, 136 pages

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About this title

"Practical techniques for building better models."
Comprehensive and practical introduction to all the key aspects of remote control model aircraft design. Well illustrated with clear black and white photos, drawings, graphs and tables.

Introduction - Bob Kress, Retired Vice President, Grumman
1. Airfoil Selection
2. Understanding Airfoils
3. Understanding Aerodynamic Formulas
4. Wing Loading Design
5. Wing Design
6. CG Location and the Balancing Act
7. Horizontal Tail Design
8. Horizontal Tail Incidence and Downwash Estimating
9. Vertical Tail Design and Spiral Stability
10. Roll Control Design
11. Weight Distribution in Design
12. Improve Performance by Reducing Drag
13. Stressed-Skin Design and Weight Estimating
14. Design for Flaps
15. NASA "Safe Wing"
16. Landing-Gear Design
17. Ducted-Cowl Design
18. Propeller Selection and Estimating Level Flight Speeds
19. Design for Aerobatics
20. High-Lift Devices and Drag Reduction
21. Centrifugal Force and Maneuverability
22. Canards, Tandem-Wing and Three-Surface Design
23. Tailless Airplane Design
24. Hull and Float Design
25. Basic Proportions for R/C Aircraft Design
26. Construction Designs

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