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"I have always been a scale modeller at heart, with a particular interest in Biplanes. Even in the days of free-flight and control line I had a soft spot for this type of model. Now, with the great advancement of radio control equipment, it is possible to do what I consider the ultimate in our hobby: scale multi."

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Radio Control Models & Electronics 1962/12 December
Radio Control Models and Electronics
D. J. Laidlaw-Dickson (Ed.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Watford
December  1962
Magazine, 53 pages

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Volume 3, Number 12

Here, There & Everywhere
Multi-Gem - G. Hattemore
Jack's Gipsy - Jack Morton
Simple Boat Installation - D.G. Farron
Gadgets & Gimmickry
"Six Gun" - John Dumble
Grundig Test Report - J.H. Brunt
Single Battery Servos, Part 2 - David Connolly
R.E.P. Story, Part 2
Independent Pulser Mods.
British "Guidance System"
Commercial Developments - Tony Dowdeswell

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Hi Mary. A few months back I sent you a black & white photo for of a pair of Orions I took "sometime" at RAF Gaydon [image003 above]. The December '62 edition of RCM&E, page 582, solves the mystery as it was the 1962 'At Home' at RAF Gaydon. I was a family member of Gaydon's RAFMAA (Royal Air Force Model Aircraft Association) and Squadron Leader Corser, mentioned in the short article, ran the model club. As well as the photo I sent you of the Orions, I also took one of a highly impressive Gipsy Moth that could do every manoeuvre in the book. This model is described from page 588 on under 'Jack's Gypsy' (Jack Morton). This was the first scale model I saw that had real grunt and it really impressed me - therefore the photo [image004]. Good gracious it was 54 years ago!! Thanks for closing the circle. Best Regards
ChrisPinn - 19/07/2016
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