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Model Airplane News 1959/06 June

Model Airplane News 1959/06 June - cover thumbnail  

"Plane on the Cover: When aeronautical engineers set out to design and make a home-built, the result usually is a mighty efficient little monoplane, such as the Salvay-Stark Skyhopper. Jo K's rendering of the Skyhopper captures the wonderful feeling of sport flying."

Model Airplane News 1959/06 June
Model Airplane News
William Winter (Ed.)
Air Age Inc., New York
June  1959
Magazine, 68 pages

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About this title

Vol. LX, No. 6

CONSTRUCTION: The Gasser; 1958 Wakefield Winner; Super Sky Lancer

ARTICLES: They Build Their Own; I Collect old Engines; Why Not a Sailplane

FEATURES: Foreign Notes; MAN at Work; Early Birds; Radio Control News; Hellcat - Pt. 1; Bulletin Board; Home Builts - Skyscraper

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Model Airplane News 1959/06 June
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User comments:

Hello again, I have just downloaded the MAN 1959/06 issue and I have a question. Why are some pages scanned at a different scale to others? In this issue, as in others, two adjacent pages of a model plan have different sizes, why? Thanks.
TedAvey - 09/06/2016
It's all down to the way the original person who scanned the book or magazine decides to scan it. We'd prefer uniformity too, but it just depends on what gets submitted to us. Some of these scans have been floating round the internet for years and the earliest ones often seem to be scanned in a slightly idiosyncratic way. Hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment too much.
Mary - 09/06/2016
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